Air quality conservation

The arwus-principle reduces the exchange of air with differing air qualities by means of deflecting the air within diffuser vicinity, effectivly damming the air in mid-passageway.

The key to this function is the optimum discharge of pressurised air from the linear diffusers.

This is achieved by generating a horizontally-orientated planar airstreams emanating from the patented diffusers.

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Securing hygienic air conditions

Odours are frequently disruptive; pollutants can be detrimental to health or even dangerous. arwus installations separate the different zones, reliably creating pleasant working, living and hygienic conditions.

Hypoxid air fire prevention systems

Die permanente Sauerstoff-Reduktion brandgefährdeter Räume führt zu hohen Kosten. Unsere neu patentierte arwus-Lösung trägt nicht nur zu 100%-igem Brandschutz bei, sondern sorgt auch für erhebliche Kosteneinsparungen.