Thermal separation and air quality conservation

The Reduction of heat and substances transfer in doorway consisting of 3 elements:

  • coldstore air leakage significantly reduced
  • reduction of warm air ingress from anteroom
  • demisting at the bufferzone between air masses

The key to this solution is the optimum discharge of the pressurised air from the patented air separation diffuser.


Express clarity for coldstore units

The separation of zones with extreme temperature differences is just as challenging as it is necessary. arwus installations create clear fronts: on the one side heat or cold, on the other, normal temperatures.

arwus air separation installations prevent mist-formation and resilient ice-building at doorways which face prolonged opening. They ensure barrier-free traffic in a logistic centre.

Your benefits:

  • Clear visibility enabling speedy goods shipment
  • Eliminating black ice ensures improved safety
  • Constantly-held temperatures contribute to compliant storage
  • Increased efficiencies from high energy savings
  • Cost-conscious coldstore logistics