Thermal separation

The arwus-principle applied to thermal exchange serves for an efficient reduction of the leakage of warm air through the upper zone of a doorway and prevents the intrusion of cold air in the lower zone of the entrance.

At the heart of this solution lies the optimum discharge of pressurised air from the air separation diffusers in a planar, horizontally-orientated airstreams.


Comfortable air separation for conditioned sales areas

Customers need to feel comfortable. Air separation units are indispensable and must function reliably. However, visually, they must completely disappear. arwus installations can be so skilfully integrated in the building fabric that they can be transformed into a creative element – without compromising functionality.

Prevention of drafts in factories

Drafts are unpleasant, put a strain on the workforce and waste energy.

arwus air separation units reliably seal the factory entrances enabling speedy entry and exit of the building without the hindrance caused by the usual door mechanisms.