Comfort zone

Comfortable air conditioning
of customer zones

Creating a feel-good environment is the top priority in modern customer zones such as shopping centres, DIY stores, hotel lobbies or hospitals. If the door is constantly opening and closing, icy winter air can get in through the entrances, especially in the colder months. This leads to a considerable loss of precious heated air, pushing up heating costs unnecessarily. In addition, it creates an unpleasant draught as well as severe temperature fluctuations inside the building.

Application example

Advantages of our air separation technology

Energy savings

  • Efficient and convenient separation of air-conditioned customer areas
  • Minimisation of draughts
  • No cooling of store and customer areas

Feel-good factor boosted for your customers

  • Less exposure to cool air
  • A pleasant indoor climate

Space-saving and low-maintenance

  • Can be integrated into existing design
  • Minimal space required
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Convenient operation


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