Insect protection

Insect protection for
clean air and well-being

In demanding industrial and factory buildings, there is usually no option but to leave large doors open for prolonged periods. This often leads to the unwanted infiltration of flying insects, which creates considerable problems in the food processing and warehousing industries, along with many others.

Protection against bothersome flying insects is an important factor in various working environments; not only that, but it is also highly conducive to the productivity and well-being of your employees. Our air separation installations provide invisible insect protection, helping to ensure quality and hygiene at your facilities.

Application example

Advantages of our air separation technology

Effective insect protection

  • Less disruption caused by insects
  • Prevents insect contamination in sensitive work areas

Improves the hygiene and quality assurance of processes

  • Improves hygiene in food businesses

Increases the well-being of employees

  • Comfortable indoor air quality
  • Minimises the infiltration of unwanted insects

Space-saving and low-maintenance

  • Minimal space required
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Convenient operation


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