Refrigerated and deep-freeze logistics

Constant temperature management in
refrigerated and deep-freeze areas

In refrigerated and deep-freeze areas, constant temperature management and effective temperature control are crucial. Severe icing in the door area leads to considerable repair costs. Mist and ice are a real threat to safety, often causing accidents at work.

Our innovative arwus air separation installations significantly reduce heat and mass exchange, thereby ensuring systematic separation between different temperature zones. With our tailored solutions, we can help you to achieve a cost-conscious approach to deep-freeze logistics.

Application example

Advantages of our air separation technology

High energy savings

  • Significant reduction in the amount of air flowing out of the deep-freeze room
  • Less warm air intake from the pre-zone

Improved occupational safety

  • Protection against mist formation and condensation
  • Protection against ice formation in the door area

Cost-efficient logistics

  • Shorter refrigeration system operating times
  • Increased storage capacity
  • Proper storage thanks to constant temperatures
  • Ensures barrier-free transportation and goods traffic

Space-saving and low-maintenance

  • More effective than conventional strip curtains
  • Extends the service life of door and conveyor technology