arwus GmbH

arwus GmbH develops, manufactures and installs functional high-end air separation equipment for reducing heat transfer and conserving air quality.

Active in the market over 25 years, the family-owned company has successfully established patented arwus-technology for the most varied applications.

Through sustainable innovative research and development work the company counts as a market-leader.


  • 1991 From the heating, ventilation and air conditioning engineering company founded in 1991evolved the development and manufacture of high quality air separation installations as an alternative to conventional air curtains.
  • In 2000 the company transformed from being a sole proprietorship to a limited company, LKS Israel GmbH from which the gradual build-up of a Europeanwide distribution ensued.
  • In 2010 the company took on the successfully-introduced product and brand name arwus®. The company, now led by the second generation, developed under the corporate name arwus GmbH into the recognised market leader in the field of air separation technology.
  • A significant extension to the arwus GmbH production facilities took place in 2015. The manufacturing of arwus air separation was optimised by the acquisition of high Quality machine tools, enabling, above all, a focus on efficiency and precision. With a team of highly-qualified and motivated personnel, arwus GmbH stands for the achievement of the highest product standards, from development, through manufacture to installation and commissioning.

Company philosophy

Based on long-standing knowhow and innovative technologies we are shaping the future with landmark solutions …with success!